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removing radio box without a hoist or overhead rigging(jacks)

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i need info on how to remove the radio box without using overhead means(crane,boom,etc).anyone ever used camper jacks?
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I have not removed a radio box yet though I have read the stories of others who have. Some very unsafe. Anway some ideas for ya.

1. Camper Jacks at the right weight rating should work good IMHO but you will have to block them up higher in a stable way, yet still be able to roll out the truck.

2. Rachet strap the axle and springs down some. (compress the springs) This way as you remove the weight of the radio box the springs don't expand forcing you to raise the box even heigher before you can drive out from under it. BUTTT.. this means you must have a method of recompressing the springs (air out of tires, along with ratchet straps?) to lower the mog frame enough to get back under the box when you want to reinstall it.

More info here
Hey I know you your the bum that got me into these things. Life has not been the same since. Now all those high dollar super tall, mega expensive new trucks just look like money holes (as in open wallet, throw money in hole).

As I will probably be helping him with this the safe ways are prefered. I would like to live long enough to pass my hobbies/obsesions onto my 2 year old and child to be.[:D]
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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