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Removing lowe dash panels...

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Im gonna try and tackle installing an aftermarket amp and sub this weekend. I read up somewhere that the amp and line equalizer is located in the dash somewhere. Has anyone officially located it? Are there any published instructions on how to get to this or removing the lower dash panels?
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removing the drivers side lower dash panels instruction search for "brake switch fix" which also includes pictures.

Oh here it is

Regarding, the amp, there were specific location information on a post a few days ago about the car stereo. Basically, it's on the firewall pretty high up on the left side of the dash.

have fun
thanks bigcat... have you done this before? looks like the amp is pretty tiny. i read a post that omar put up and he said there is some sort of load equalizer module that comes before the amp (after the HU speaker outputs). any idea what this looks like?
I never actually crawled up in there to look. I'm not as young and stupid as I once was and lying on my back in the footwell with my feet hanging out the door was not my idea of fun anymore. We just rewired almost everything having to do with power, speakers and the CD.

And from what I read, it sounded like the amp and equalizer was a single unit (small black box) on the firewall. There can't be very much mounted there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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