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Hi all,

I am posting this so that the whole forum can chime in. I have very limited knowledge on this and as such might just be talking about my own situation, not bmurphy's.

My EIS is acting up ever since the cold has come in. My car won't respond to both my keys to unlock. When I manually unlock it; the alarm goes off. When I actually get in the car, they key won't turn in the ignition switch.

Though a rarity, the symptoms are of a classic EIS problem. See below.

S320 Cdi 2003 Key Does Not Turn In Ignition - Forums

I use a hair dryer to warm up the ignition switch, et voila, the car turns on and everything works as it should.

Anyway, the part that pretains to the removing dash (Instrument Cluster) and causing the battery to drain, is more a gut feeling, rather than a volt meter measured one.

My hypothesis is that if the EIS and the Instrument Cluster are somehow disconnected and the battery is still on, the EIS causes a battery drain trying to locate the Instrument Cluster.

My 2 reasons for this is that my battery is perfectly healthy and when my EIS acted up, my battery started to drain. The second reason, is that bmurphy's instrument panel is taken off and that also caused his battery to drain.

I think the two need to talk to each other constantly because they are part of the anti theft system Mercedes designed. If one is missing, the other will keep looking for the other to verify that the car isn't stolen.


I could be talking out my rear end...
Hence, why I'm posting on the forum.
However, this is my two pence, I'm sticking to it!
And yes, I'm headed to the dealer to get this EIS thing done...

Removing Dash Cause Battery To Drain?


Hi Gabby -

I'm writing you since you did those great videos and I thought you might have some relevant experience here. In attempting to locate an annoying creaking noise I have methodically removed the dash panels, including the instrument cluster, from my 06 S500. I woke up this morning and the car would not start - the battery was dead. Until now the battery has not caused any difficulties so I find it difficult to believe it just died. Do you have any experience with keeping the instrument cluster out of the car for 24 hours - did that drain the battery? Thanks.

Bill Murphy
Bainbridge Island, WA
Rollingbay, WA

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