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tips from a previous post

The hardest thing about upgrading to the new style fuel filter is removing the rear seat. Sure you can probably loosen up a bunch a bolts and jerry rig some type of access but why not go ahead and remove the seat, take off all the marks on the plastic covers and clean the carpets while you are there? First, there are a bunch of Torx head bolts (16) and 3 16mm hex head nuts. There are 9 on the 60% portion, 6 on the 40% split and 1 shared between them. The 40% split seat flange overlaps the 60% flange for some unknown reason so you have to take it out if you want to remove the larger seat. Knowing how many bolts/nuts there are is a big help as it's dark down there and you are hunting black hardware often hidden in deep channels. Before you remove the bolts you have to remove the plastic covers. If you want to break the covers pry away! There is some reasoning to them which I only discovered after breaking a few tabs. First remove in this order:

Remove front center covers (2), pop up front first then push to the rear. Covers remove through back of seat.

Remove outer pieces (2), release order not important just be careful

Remove rear cover, pop up front, use screwdriver on side of holes with wedge profile to release tabs on the center tabs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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