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01 ML430, 03 C320 Coupe MT, 14 GL450
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You can check <a href="">this</a> document from paulhdick's excellent VES install document - it shows how to remove the rear floor coverings and the 40% seat. I assume the 60% seat is removed in a similar manner - it's just bolted to the floor. Remember about the seatbelt pretentioner connectors, though, and try not to switch the car on while the seats are removed, I think it'll light up the SRS light.

Paul also has instructions on how to retrofit the 3rd row seats, and I seem to recall that there may be some instructions on how to take apart the 40% seat in those instructions, if you need that info. You'll find the info on <a href="">Paul's website</a>.

Hope this helps.

Before dying, see what a good cleaning does. Please post some pics of your seats now, and after anything you do to it. I, for one, would be interested in seeing how things turn out.

BTW, very nice colour combo on your ML and your C! We have an Azure Blue ML with Java interior. A couple of years ago we were very close to trading our ML430 for a loaded green/java ML500, but the dealer didn't want to budge on a small detail in the deal, and neither did I [:D]. I absolutely love the Java, but it does take a little more TLC to keep looking nice.
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