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Remove the star at the trunk

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new here :)
well, im doing some work at my 190E 2.0 1985,
and I realy wanths to know how u remove the star on the trunk? its real thigt where it is, and its look like its stuck with 3 plastic bricks? tnx for aswer :)
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btw, whith the "star" I mean the Emblem-star..
damn bastard, the ides I got is like "smash and bang" but, I dont wanth to brake it :eek:
The emblem is held by thin metal clips on the back of the trunk lid on the plastic posts. The easiest way to remove the emblem is to use a plastic wedge to slowly lift the emblem, or use a cloth wrapped small flat screwdriver. If you break it, it's a cheap part to replace.
get a knife because its thin at the edge. pry the emblem up from 3 points. i mean pry it up from different areas of the cirlce.
take some fotos once youve done if you can. I was considering removing the 180e badge from my car but didnt want to screw up the paint.

Im assuming i'd have to sand back and re-paint that section
Check out this page...

Removing the trunk emblems is really easy, with no risk of damaging your paint and little risk of breaking anything. I've done lots of these.

Open the trunk.

Remove the lock mechanism--this is held in by just two bolts.

With a flat tool suck as a screwdriver, push the tabs from below--not all the way at once, work each one little by little, and you will move the emblem up and out. If you damage the little plastic wedges that hold the emblems in place, these are easily obtained from Mercedes or an auto body supply outlet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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