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Remove the SL's boot lid ?

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Anyone know how to dismantal the boot lid.

If you read my 'boot problem' post you will recall i drilled a couple of nasty holes in the boot lid !:eek:

I want to remove the fibreglass part and have it repaired.

The part where the number plate screws to is fiberglass, it is attached to the metal part of the boot lid - somehow ???

I have found and removed 4 small trox screws and cant find anymore - but its still VERY WELL ATTACHED

The inside of the boot has been stripped and i still cant find would its attached ?

Any ideas.
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Unfortunately, the fiberglass part has probably been epoxied to the steel. It's a common manufacturing technique in the industry to bind two disparate materials together. Screws would require a number of structurally weak points whereas epoxy can cover most of the two surfaces without compromising material strength.

You will probably have to resort to a full trunk lid replacement. :(

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