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Remove the SL's boot lid ?

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Anyone know how to dismantal the boot lid.

If you read my 'boot problem' post you will recall i drilled a couple of nasty holes in the boot lid !:eek:

I want to remove the fibreglass part and have it repaired.

The part where the number plate screws to is fiberglass, it is attached to the metal part of the boot lid - somehow ???

I have found and removed 4 small trox screws and cant find anymore - but its still VERY WELL ATTACHED

The inside of the boot has been stripped and i still cant find would its attached ?

Any ideas.
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The fibreglass panel has 4 screws in it, attaching it to the metal of the boot lid. I can look through the two 'new' holes and i cannot see any 'glue' type connection- saying that i also cant get it off ?

I was going to grp the holes, but to make sure the boot is going to be waterproof, i want to remove the fibreglass part, to get at the metal - repair the metal with a rubber gromit, grp and paint the other part. Might as well do it semi right.

The number plate would hide the evidence - but its like that stone chip that only you know is there !!!
that would make a job of it.

The fibreglass needs a professional repair, so might as well have them repair the metal. !

It is metal not alloy, akind to a old coke can i used last week - only a different colour but about the same thickness !
To open the trunk - if all else fails !!

Drill a 25mm hole exactly 2cm to the left of the centre 'dimple' on the trunk rear panel, this will allow access to the trunk lock and the control rod which connects to the key barrell. Push the rod downward, this requires very little pressure - boot opens.

Do not drill too deep as the locking actuators are located in exactly the same place, so use a hole cutter type drill bit, not a spade type bit.

The outer trunk lid is fibreglass, the inner part is metal you have to drill through both.

The inside of the boot lid can then be stripped to repair the lock barrel. PLEASE PLEASE unbolt the 'elephant ears' from trunk lid, 3 x 10mm bolts. If you try to remove the linning on the inside if the trunk without unbolting the 'elephant ears' - YOU WILL BREAK the drive shafts on the ears. You cant buy the drive shafts !!
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