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Hi guys!

I want to upgrade my unit with aftermarket hu. I bought a China unit and it works, i bought a connects2 cable with chinalead. (key 1,Key 2 and grd). But i cant seem to get steering wheel control to work, or the info display in dash. audio ----- and navi ----...
I read a bounch of threads but all covers the audio 10/20 head units. But i cant seem to find a guide on replaceing COMAND.
Info about the car CLK 320 2002 (pre facelift) (no optical) i got the sockets 1:speakers 2:voltage and the 3:d is like a mini iso that when i connect it to the COMAND the in dash info/steering control works. So i know that that cables are the stearing control/info. but i dont know how to connect it to the new stereo. Hope you guys can help me out.
OEM part number for the COMAND is A203 827 36 42. The part nr for the mini iso is A203 5400909. Hope this helps out.
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