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Removal of Rear door panel on 99 S500

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I need assistance in removing the rear door panel in order to replace the speaker grille located at the bottom of the panel. Apparently, the grille got in the way of a ski pole and, interestingly enough, it developed a hole. I think the speaker is ok, though.

So far, I have been abke to get this far:

- Removed the screws by the door latch mechanism
- Removed the screw in the handle well under the
small cover
- Popped the panel from the bottom and sides (without breaking any of the retainers!!)
- ... and that's it!

I still cannot remove the panel. Are there hidden screws somewhere holding the panel?? I am afraid to pull on the panel since I do not want to break the wood fascia on the panel??

Please help. Any assistance that you guys can provide me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks!! Joey

(I hope to get this job done this weekend!!)
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If I remember correctly, there are 4 total screws you must remove. One is small by the plastic cover by the latch. One is under a small cover in armrest area. Two hex screws are under the wood cover. Once you popped off all the plastic retainers, you simply pry the top part of the panel up and you can lift the door panel off. There are no retainers on the top part to pop.
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