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Has anyone been able to do this yet?
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it would be nice if it could be integrated into the key instead of using a seperate key fob. my gf's 2005 pontiac g6 came with it and it's really cool, i'm almost jealous. [:D]
I was looking into getting this done and I checked with a local (non-benz) install shop. The guy told me they would be able to do it and what they would have to do is get a key fob that had not been programmed yet, take it a part and do "some things" with it and then they would be able to do it. They were the first place that had told me they knew how to do it... but wouldn't elaborate... so I don't know if i want to spend all that money on a key fob if they don't know what they are talking about. Everyone else told me it wasn't possible bc of the security built into the computer and the key fob. And of course if you ask a Benz dealership, they will deny everything you ask them about something that is non-standard, lol. If anyone finds out for definite that this can be done, please update!
The Answer Is NO After 95..(On Most Benz's) They Have The Infrared .(Keyless).Start..And Cannot Be Done.On The BMW And The Benz'S..Manufactures Are NOT Willing To Give Up The Codes To Bypass It..
are you serious.

I was going to purchase a whole new alarm system with tilt sensor and anti theft system and it comes with remote start on a seperate key fob.

So this is not possible then?
Not Possible..The Clifford 3.5 And The Clifford 3.5 S

Both Have That Option, But Not For Us...Plus There

Are Other Alarms That Have That Option Too..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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