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Remote Locking Update

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I still haven't solved my remote locking problem, but I have more data. I have tried both the factory synchronization procedure and the alternate procedure posted here, with no success. When using the factory procedure, whichever button I press after holding lock and pressing unlock five times works. Then nothing else works. When using the alternate procedure, nothing works. I bought a Carsoft tester and the AAM is reporting code B1858, "fixed code OK but not released". My MB maintenance DVD says this is a transmitter problem or a synchronization problem, or an antenna problem. One member here reported that changing the AAM fixed this problem. I'm inclined to believe that the problem is in the AAM as whichever button I press after pressing unlock 5 times works, the system just won't synchronize. Any ideas?


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Thanks for the "help"

It's an update to what?

Your post from 2006 about start error?
Your post from 2008 about remote? Never followed up.
Your post from 01/2009 about central locking?
With all due respect, I thought the subject line was pretty clear. That would seem to exclude the first post you asked about. The second one you listed basically had no help for this problem, and focused on the key removal problem. The third post you listed had no replies.

So what is the point of your reply to this post? This is an ongoing problem, and I was looking for some help from, what has been in the past, a helpful venue. Unfortunately none of the previous responses I got were of much help. Since then I purchased a set of diagnostic software. The troubleshooting steps in the Star Service DVD aren't much help (it's either the key, the AAM, or a synchronization problem) , so I reported the code here hoping someone might have more insight to my problem. BTW, I contacted my local indy repair shop and he says he can't help with a potential AAM problem, that's a dealer only item. Can you help me with this problem, or not?
Thanks and sorry for not attaching

Subject line is clear but. We don't know what is production date (month/year) and model of your truck.

If this is an update attach to previous post.

There is diagnostic menu that shows live data in AAM. It shows which key button is pressed. It can be used on another working vehicle to confirm that your keys are sending correct values. Can you access that screen?
Sorry if I blew the forum protocol by not attaching. That's a good idea, but I didn't think of it.

I'll have to check the real-time data thing. I have the Carsoft hardware and software. It has some real-time features, but I'm not sure it does for the AAM. But how would I use it on another vehicle that the key is not programmed into? I certainly don't know what data the key is supposed to send. I was relying on the Carsoft which, as I said earlier was reporting "fixed code correct, but not released". Also, the symptoms I reported would seem to indicate that the key is sending the correct data, as when I follow the synchronization instructions whichever button I press after pressing the unlock button 5 times while holding the lock button works properly. That is, if I do the 5 presses, release the lock, press lock, the car locks. But no subsequent button presses do anything. Same goes for 5 presses, release, press unlock - the car unlocks. Ditto for the rear door.

The truck is a 2001 ML-320, mfr date 05/01.
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What is your truck key history? How many keys ware issued? Did those keys ever worked? If so what lead to loss of synch?
The truck came with a master key and two remotes. Both remotes worked for years. Then one was misplaced. After some time (several months) the remaining key quit working. No problem, I thought, I'll just replace the battery. Still didn't work with new batteries. Pulled the manual and tried to resynchronize, but got the symptoms I described to you in my last post. Tried it several times over several days. Finally my wife came out and said "let me try it". She did it a couple of times (exactly the same as I had been doing) and it worked. After about a week, it quit again. Haven't been able to get it sync'ed since. Also tried the alternate procedure that someone posted here, i.e. hold down unlock and press lock 5 times instead of vice-versa. That doesn't work either. We've been locking and unlocking manually, biding our time hoping the other key would surface, but it hasn't yet. Evey few months I'll get fired up and try something new. The latest such effort involved the Carsoft system. At least I know the code now, B1858, if I recall correctly. Anyway, the explanation is "fixed code OK, but not released" whatever "not released" means.....
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Thanks, I'll try that. CarSoft doesn't have that capability; I looked.
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