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Remote Locking Update

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I still haven't solved my remote locking problem, but I have more data. I have tried both the factory synchronization procedure and the alternate procedure posted here, with no success. When using the factory procedure, whichever button I press after holding lock and pressing unlock five times works. Then nothing else works. When using the alternate procedure, nothing works. I bought a Carsoft tester and the AAM is reporting code B1858, "fixed code OK but not released". My MB maintenance DVD says this is a transmitter problem or a synchronization problem, or an antenna problem. One member here reported that changing the AAM fixed this problem. I'm inclined to believe that the problem is in the AAM as whichever button I press after pressing unlock 5 times works, the system just won't synchronize. Any ideas?


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... Can you help me with this problem, or not?
To me, that sounds more like a demand than a request... may be it's just me.
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