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Remeber that 560SEC Renntech in FL..went to go see it today

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Well, curiosity (and a little timely travel w/ the g/f to West Palm) got the better of me so I paid a visit to this 560SEC(VIN WDBCA45D4JA385022) w/ a supposed Renntech engine originally discussed in this thread:

And here is the add again:

For those that want the quick and dirty, the car is an absolute mess.

The rust under the rear window is the WORST I have ever seen.. The left rear quarter has enough bondo to patch the Marianas trench with rust/moisture bubbles coming up through it.
The paint job is half assed at best, all the rear chrome is trashed.
The headliner is covered w/ some fuzzy cheap fabric, the seats are exploding 8 ways to Sunday.the rear seats are beat to hell from some animal (I’ll assume a dog).
The hat tray has been ruined from a mix of sun and some dolt w/ a vacuum cleaner and the rear speaker grills are broken,
The car runs Hot, reverse is hanging on by a thread, inside the engine room is the dirtiest I have ever come across. Shot motor mounts, leaks from every where..fluids black as night, tired belts, WORN cam shafts…horrible.
The rear window is delaminated, wheels are after markets, the tyres are shot, the exhaust has a large hole,
The manifolds are just logs not tri y’s
Power is disappointing @ best; I’d say about on par with my white car which is Sad given the work that was done.
The Renntech EZL was changed out for a standard US spec unit
Neither of the doors line up worth a damn..
Oh, and the rear suspension is shot (needs new sphere’s BAD). Up front the ball joints clunk and the brakes pull to the right.

And the most LAUGHABLE of all was the sticker in the door jam stating the odometer had been replaced in 91 w/ a new unit reading 0, and that prior to that it was had 46,890 miles on the car.. So figure right about 180K on this car, and most likely a few more.

I did find One nice thing on the car….the spare was in beautiful condition, but alas the same could not be said for the rest of the trunk.

The fellow selling the car (chuck) flat out misrepresented the car in my opinion. I told him to tell me of any and all problems as if I know about them now it might be OK, but if I come down and find major issues that would be a deal breaker.. I was given “what do you expect for a near 20 year old car” and “it’s not perfect but the price is right”… My ass.. Just adding up number quickly in my head I came up w/ 6 grand worth of work to bring it sort of close to as he described it..what a joke.

Here are the pictures for everyone who might like to have a look (all in full res so you can have a Good look).

Hope this saves someone the some time/effort down the way!

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Nice thorough write up Jonathan. Too bad it didn't pan out.

I've also noticed a steady increase in SEC pricing over the past couple of years for well maintained examples. Not a bad thing.
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