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Recently I was thinking about putting my hands on a modern Mercedes V8 sedan, It's a fetish I have since my youth, as here in Europe, V8s are sort of a rare view, especially on sedans.

I'm a big fan of the M113, as I always heard it was a solid engine, well capable of high mileages. Unfortunately, it comes packed in Mercedes from another era, I have to admit w211s and w203s do not look too much appealing to me anymore. I'm looking more at the years around 2010, and in particular at the w212 E500, w221 S450/S500 and w218 CLS500.

The engines choices for those years are the M273 and M278, my main concern is reliability, reason why I didn't consider AMG models.

What are your thoughts on those engines? How do they compare to a masterpiece like the M113?

Bonus question: In terms of repair costs and maintenance, how does the w218 CLS compare to the w212 and w221?

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