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Release Dates for Navigation DVDs

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I have a CLS with Command APS navigation, with the 2007/2008 Navigatation DVD (V7.0 - B6 782 38 55).

I'm keen to get a new version, but the dealer can only tell me there is a newer version, and not when the next version will be released!

I don't mind shelling out for a new version, but don't want to find out there is a newer version a few months later.

Any help appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum.

You can always check the latest version number at the NavTeq site, NAVTEQ - Mercedes-Benz - Built-in, Factory Installed

The updates are generally done toward the end of a calendar year for the DVD-based COMANDs' and toward the beginning of the year for CD-based COMANDS. Therefore, if your dealer can confirm Version 9.0 (it's printed on the box) then it's the latest one for your car.

I have known of dealers to play extraordinarily dumb in divulging the information; they will sometimes only give you the MB part number, which is not shown on the NavTeq site. If yours does this, either go to another dealer or if that's a pain, go to the dealership in person and look at the box before you buy.

You can buy the DVD through NavTeq, but if you have skipped too many updates, your nav system may not be able to read the new disc. If that's the case, dealers will usually supply the interim firmware updates free if you bought from them. They may not if you buy from NavTeq. The prices of the discs is the same from either source.
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