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Thanks to your help in locating the wiring diagrams, I'm in the process of sorting out the electrics on my 500SL. I have several queries.

On the photo with the overvoltage protection relay (with the red top) there is a relay in the top right corner. I think this relay is missing from my car as that socket and cable is hanging free and not connected to anything. Can someone tell me what relay is missing.

On the other photo, which is of my car, it looks like the OVP relay is missing. Am I correct in assuming there should be an OVP relay there?

The ABS light is staying on.

Also, there appears to be a relay missing just below the OVP relay, should there be a relay there? If so, any idea what it will be for?

My car is a 500SL 1987 GB (rhd) spec.

For info, the car was driving fine, but for a variety of reasons I have not used it since 2007, and one of my sons parked it in one of their friends repair shop. I think someone had been nicking parts from it. I'm now putting it back on the road.

KInd regards,



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