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2001 E240
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This is what I found off

The Mercedes part number on the relay is: A0025427219
The internal Hella part number is: 4RA 007.791-13

There is another part number from Hella 4RA 007.791-11. This corresponds to Mercedes part number A 0025421319-26. More expensive.

According to Hella, These are the specs for the two:

4RA 007.791-11 is 950/630 High Power Mini SPST
4RA 007.791-13 is 630 ISO Mini SPST


1) Does anybody know if A0025427219 is interchangeable with A 0025421319?

2) Is there part number A 0025421319-26? Mercedes parts are 10 digits!?

3) Dealer said A 0025421319 (produced by Siemens in Portugal, as installed on new car) is no more in production, but is replaced by A0025427219 which is produced by Hella in China. This however is not so amended on Mercedes EPC.

My Problem:

I tested and found that A0025427219 can only reliably perform on certain applications and not as A 0025421319 which is good for all purposes as listed on EPC; therefore the two parts are not interchangeable. Can anybody confirm?
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