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Regular Maintenance under Starmark ?

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Good Morning-

I purchased an off lease '01 E430 (LOADED) in 2003. It came with a MB 12 month extention to the original new car warranty. I understood that EVERYTHING was covered until 60 months from the original date the vehicle was placed in service.
Went to the dealer 2 days ago with an engine check light. They said I was due for service (even though on-board computer said B service in 1600 miles) and that it would cost me $499. Have the MB policies changed?
I have the original document from the sale and it does not EXCLUDE regular maintenance on the list.
Can anyone shed some light on this? APR 26 is the LAST day of the Starmark warranty. THANK YOU
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01s had a a service plan for the A or B service 48 months or 50K miles whiever comes first, the service was indicated by the FSS computer. The one year Starmark extension only effected the warranty, not maintenance
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