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Regarding analog to digital phone

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I have a 1995 integrated removable OKI phone in a 1995 s600 mercedes. I wish to put in my digital motorola in place of it on the bay in the armrest. I think it could be as simple as changing the adaptor to the phone. Please help!
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Re: Analog to digital phone

I have an OE BMW (Motorolla) analog cell phone 94 BMW 850 as well as a 97 CL600 and I inquired on the bimmer message boards re: changing over to digital with no luck. It can be done, but would require re-wiring and by-passing of the 3 Watt analog booster somewhere in the M-B (in the trunk of the BMW) and all the hands-free/radio mute features would be gone as no current aftermarket system allows for this as per O.E. Auto/Electronics Manufacturer's agreements. But, I'm sure if there's a will there's a way and other's have done it...can someone step in here??? <br> <br> As for me, I have both active...for a few dollars a month the calls come to the car and then my 'no answer transfer' service transfers to my digital hand-held. The way I look at it..I've had 3 digital cell phones in the past 3 yrs. Imagine if I had to rip the car apart each time to change it...forget it! Cell technology changes so fast...heck, you get a new one every 1-2 yrs. to stay current...the phones get beat-up looking....or just beat-up period. Just last week, my buddy dropped his in the toilet...toast! And it was only 3 months old! He ended up replacing it with a newer and better model. Imagine if he had an in-car setup? He'd have to do a complete re-install...
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