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Refinishing wood

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So I would like to refinish my wood trims as varnish is cracked. Any idea what stuff to use to remove varnish ? How many layers of new varnish.
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Well the car is from Miami, fl so typical hot humid summers, messed up trim. I hope there just typical issues that all w220 experience
Well I had read that varnish can shrink and crack.
A third cause is a varnish-making mistake. For instance, some varnishes based on rosin can shrink a lot over time and break up in big patches that look like mud flats.
So I used heat gun and that took all varnish without messing up wood. Now I read that piano black looks great I may go with that color.
Well no i just look for removal of marine varnish with heat gun. The heated are cracks and varnish is really easy to remove. To much heat will burn wood.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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