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Refinishing wood

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So I would like to refinish my wood trims as varnish is cracked. Any idea what stuff to use to remove varnish ? How many layers of new varnish.
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oooh. I just looked at the prices for cl500 trim on ebay. ouch. after seeing that the don't refinish advice might have been misguided. if it's possible it might be more cost effective. is it all of the trim or just certain pieces?
Generally speaking the wood trims are very pricey (a little cheaper if you buy a whole set, as opposed to a piece here and there) but either way your probably looking at like 600-900 to replace it all.

you can always do what im doing to give your baby a little individuality and vinyl wrap it. $100+ and a few hours and a coupla drops of sweat and you have "new" trim.
i dont know your taste but they have almost every color/print you can think of.

but if your dead set on replacing i would start with ebay or try and hunt down a u-pull-it. you may get lucky. but as stated above trying to refinish would just be a headache you dont want and will probably have to replace anyway.
and that veener is expensive so mercs dont use as much as thy used to in the older days.

either way good luck to you
Do you have any before and after pics or pics of the process with the heat gun? That's a pretty interesting method.
See sky laws post above pics are included there

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