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Red or Blue ATF for 722.906

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My 2011 E350 comes with a 722.906 transmission. The vehicle was delivered in April 2011 but I can't find information when it was build to determine its transmission fluid is Red or Blue (built after June 2010).

My vehicle is reaching 38K miles and I plan to change the ATF soon but don't want to purchase a wrong type of fluid. I would appreciate for any suggestion.
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272 & 273 engine
722.9, up to transmission serial # 2 834526 (check data card) every 40,000 miles/4 years = ATF134 red ...
Now I'm confused. My '11 272, delivery date 3/3/11 has a transmission 722906 03 256254. Is that up to transmission serial # 2 834526 for the red fluid? Are the "2" and "03" preceding the last 6 numbers ignored? Also....from Konigstiger's post it seems that all 272 and 273 take red and all 276 and 278 (direct injection motors) take blue....or am I reading something into it that's not there?
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