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Red or Blue ATF for 722.906

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My 2011 E350 comes with a 722.906 transmission. The vehicle was delivered in April 2011 but I can't find information when it was build to determine its transmission fluid is Red or Blue (built after June 2010).

My vehicle is reaching 38K miles and I plan to change the ATF soon but don't want to purchase a wrong type of fluid. I would appreciate for any suggestion.
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good rule of thumb ^^^

I have done a lot of blue ATF changes at 40k according to the MB maint sheet. some had 272/273 engs. mid year 13 is when they went to 70k services I believe.
if your pan look like that than you have blue fluid.

if you have the 2 round indentions (placement as circled as above) than you have the red fluid. THIS IS HOW I determine what is what in some cars are work. makes getting parts faster out of parts depo.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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