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Red or Blue ATF for 722.906

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My 2011 E350 comes with a 722.906 transmission. The vehicle was delivered in April 2011 but I can't find information when it was build to determine its transmission fluid is Red or Blue (built after June 2010).

My vehicle is reaching 38K miles and I plan to change the ATF soon but don't want to purchase a wrong type of fluid. I would appreciate for any suggestion.
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Thanks konigstiger, vortecpwr & G-AMG, The engine is 272 but the tranny pan has oval indentations with beveled rear side.

The data card reads:

Gearbox: 722906 03 331991

Engine: 272980 31 885 108

Variant: A 272 010 64 98 85

Order base engine: A 272 010 85 98

Number for spare parts: 27298030

The pan says using the "blue" oil and I want to confirm with the serial number but I don't know what number I should read.:confused:
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if your pan look like that than you have blue fluid.

if you have the 2 round indentions (placement as circled as above) than you have the red fluid. THIS IS HOW I determine what is what in some cars are work. makes getting parts faster out of parts depo.
Thanks Vortecpwr, my local dealer confirmed red fluid.
Color of Old Blue ATF

My local Mercedes dealer said the ATF of my 2011 E350 is red. Well, the color of old fluid looks more "greenish" black than "reddish" black (or burnt red) when I drained it today - I have not filled up with new fluid yet because don't know what type. The fluid is 38.5K miles and most of them are on highway. I changed the red ATF several times on other Mercedes models before but the colors were nothing close to what I saw from this vehicle. Now, I wonder if the dealer made a mistake when they confirmed that the ATF for my vehicle is red. The car was built in 04/2011 and the transmission pan is identical to the one G-AMG posted above with 2 deep round and 2 deep oval indentions (Part # A 222 270 05 12).

What is the color of your old blue ATF?
Thanks Konigstiger, your information about the pan is confirmed. I also poured a small amount of the old fluid in a clear glass and under the natural sun light, oh yes, it's blue... it could be a disaster if I let the dealer changing my ATF on that day.
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