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Have a pair of Recaro Ortho seats for sale (LX-A). The condition is a little rough, but the leather could be reconditioned or dyed or the they could be recovered. I don't think there are any cuts or punctures in the leather. The seats are about 21 inches wide and will fit most any car with the right seat adapters.

These seats have the rare Blaupunkt headrest speaker option, so they would work great in a convertible, or you could sell just the headrests and recoup most of your money. The seats came out of a BMW3 but I don't believe they were stock in that car. I think these seats are "period correct" for a 70's-80's car. Current leather color is dark blue.

$550 plus shipping. $500 if you can arrange local pick up. Let me know if you have questions or would like more pictures.


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