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Selling a set of Recaro Orthoped 81's in palomino that came out of an r107 500sl. Drivers side cut out for the shoulder belt has been added by the previous owner so it would be a perfect fit for a 107 but would fit any model with the correct Recaro adapter. There is NO adapter included with this set of seats.

This model of recaros has power recline for both seats (works great) as well as seat heaters (also appears to work fine as the lights light up on the switches when power is applied). Also has power lumbar option but have been unable to get the motor to come on. I do not know if it is a problem with the switches or the pumps. The seat back side bolsters are manual and fully adjustable. Mercedes switches have replaced the heater and lumber switches.

All the bolster padding seems to be in excellent condition, the vinyl uppers are good with exception the some drivers side seem wear and a hole in the lower part of the vinyl on the other drivers bolster but can't be seen once mounted and some tiny abrasions on the passenger upper bolster. Both lower seat vinyl needs to be replaced due to splitting. The inserts where they have split may be leather, but are not in good shape. Both under seat diaphragms need to be replaced.

I have listed all defects that come to mind and will post pictures of all angles of the seats. Shipping will be up to you of how you want me to get them to you, but I will do all the boxing, get quotes for you and deliver them boxed and ready to ship to the shipper of your choice. Plan on about $140-$200 for shipping (Greyhound shipping for that price more than likely). They are heavy seats and once packed come in at about 50 lbs give or take. You pay me for the actual shipping and I will pay that to the shipper when I drop them off.

Local southern California guys, I will meet you half way (I live in Rancho Cucamonga) at zero cost to you.


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