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The kit is $15-$20, the rebuilts are $65-$70.

From what I understand, you can't scratch the sides or it will leak.
You have to have the pistons set at 10 degrees (forward?) or it will squeak.

I said screw it, if they leak or squeak, it will be someone else's fault and they can fix them.

Is the piece of mind worth $50?. It is to me.

Also, if I screwed it up, I would be spending $20 on the kit and then $70 more on the rebuilts. I didn't feel confident enough to risk it. Besides, the bolts were rusted into the caliper.

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When the skill and learning curve to rebuild something is more costly time-wise and resources-wise than just buying a rebuilt item, it's already a lost cause.

Then again, that's for us who aren't exactly mechanics but know some DIY.

Axle CV boots
Brake calipers
Injector pump

If you have the luxury of time and resources (you have another car?) then it would be feasible. Question is, are you up to it? I remember you replaced the starter yourself? And some other tidbits too (was it the modulator/neutral safety switch you also replaced?).

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yeah thats true I have replaced: alternator, starter, vacump pump, nuetral saftey switch . . . I just thought someone here might have rebuild their caliper before and I just wanted to get some info before making a choice because this will be my first time doing it. I'm probably leaning towards getting a rebuilt one, less effort and risk. thx for the advice guys I appreciate it

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