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REAR windshield

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Hi everyone,
Thanks a ton in advance.

Is there any Mercedes-Benz or Sekurit symbol on REAR windshield, too?
I cannot find any symbols at all.
If there is not, does it mean that it is not original?
Once again, it is REAR windshield.[:)]
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as far as i know my rear windshield is original and it has both symbols on the lower drivers side corner.

On my way to lunch, I took a close look at rear windshield again, and I found symbol.
I was able to see barely because it was hiding under the deep tint film.
It was “SIGLA�.

Does anyone know this brand?
It was “SIGLA�. Does anyone know this brand?
It's a renowned European glass manufacturer, now part of the Pilkington glass group I believe. Don't know if they still make carglass though, but they used to be on every other car make alongside Sekurit I'm pretty sure MB used both as their supplier, but if its an original MB rear window it should have the star as well as the glass suppliers name.
Yup, Mercedes used both those glass manufacturers!! Siglaplus was the dual pane glass found in w140s!
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