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Hey guys,

My driver side rear window had started the "crunching sound" when I would raise and lower it indicating the plastic on the actuator failing and cracking. Finally got to the point where I stopped using the window and had to manually push the glass up to close.

Last week, I accidentally hit the down button instead of unlock, and couldn't get the window up manually anymore. I pushed up and down, down was no problem, up was. I think I eventually shook the window so hard that it came out of the entire mechanism. Now it slides freely with some resistance, and every few days it slips a little down and I have to move it back up closed.

Now, I'm wondering if there's a way to force the window to stay up without replacing the actuator. I really don't want to replace it at this point given the endeavor it is with the rivets and all to even get to the motor.

I'm wondering if I get the door panel off, if there might be a way to internally brace the glass in the up position?

Thanks all.

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Recently replaced the rear right side window actuator. pretty straight forward but you need use of a two-handed rivet gun to re-install steel rivets. (not the el-cheapo aluminum rivets or the trigger-type rivet guns).
The white plastic rollers are the usually the weak point and break.
You can remove the door panel. There are several good short youtube videos showing how-to. (careful when doing so as the door clips can break/snap and/or the door panel fasteners that are glued to the door panel can separate from the door panel itself if you force the door panel off and dont correctly pop off the door clips ). Use the bright fluorescent nylon pry tools to remove the door panels at the clip points.

And as suggested by Merzatt, suction cup or good duct-type tape to prevent the window from sliding back down.


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I had similar issue with driver side window,I pulled so hard that it came of regulator.hopefully that's your problem because it would be the cheaper repair.I removed door panel and put a bead of any multi purpose glue inside rubber strip that sits on regulator guide and slid window back in.Make sure u line up glass perfectly inside of guide.
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