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Rear window regulator rivets?

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Rear regulator wire has snapped on our 2005 ML350...

I've never dealt with rivets so will need to get a tool - what size rivets does the 163 use and will any rivet gun work?
What's the general take on this?

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Same as airbag river order from dealer.

  • Genuine:
  • SKU:003-990-24-97
  • Positions:Left Rear, Right Rear
  • Other Names Pull Handle Rivet, Roof Panel Rivet, Guide Rail Rivet, Door Trim Panel Rivet, Window Regulator Rivet, Rear Header Rivet, Run Channel Rivet, Bracket Rivet, Frame Rivet, Slider Rivet, Roof Header Panel Clip, Blind Rivet, 003 990 24 97
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If you can take some photos of the actual rivits and your work and add them here.
Can do - probably a few weeks out to get the part and find time at the weekend...its 115F here in PHX right now, so unless I get out before the sun it cooks ya!
105 today in Boise I know the feeling.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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