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Rear Ventilated Seats

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Just curious about the rear seats for some s classes. My uncle got a s430 and his rear seats have the holes in them. I have the ventilated seats also but i have the rear power seats/ heat and cooled. But he does not have this. So why are the "ventilated"? is it for a purpose or just to match the front seat ventilation?
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He either has a Designo Edition that includes the perforated Nappa leather and rear heated seats (wasn't clear if his had rear heated seats) if no heated rear seats it NOT a Designo, or he has the Front Seat "Comfort Pkg." that includes ventilated front seats, OR his has been equipped with Nappa Leather and not the standard leather, not sure you could order Nappa on an S430 without the comfort or Designo Pkg, but have seen stranger things.
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