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Rear Ventilated Seats

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Just curious about the rear seats for some s classes. My uncle got a s430 and his rear seats have the holes in them. I have the ventilated seats also but i have the rear power seats/ heat and cooled. But he does not have this. So why are the "ventilated"? is it for a purpose or just to match the front seat ventilation?
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I have the napa leather interior, but not with ventilated seats in rear. would be nice though. because the rear has to be the most comfie in these vehicles.
I know just because when I bought it, that it had a few more options than my brothers and he had a black interior and was not as soft. Mine is Blueish/ash and it is so soft, even my color is iridium blue, Changes colours in day and sorta a silver at night. I was told napa is an upgrade on the S430 as you go to S500 you get more options as standard and the S600 even more . Not just the engine difference.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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