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Rear (Third) Brake Light Bulb Replacement

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Is there any trick to removing the cover for the third brake light? I've tried pushing in on the two tabs and I pull back but the cover won't budge. Is there anything else I have to disassemble? I am trying to get rid of the stupid idiot light on the dash. :confused: The car is a 1986 420SEL - any tips would be appreciated!
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Just so everyone is aware, the rear cover that contains the tabs is a service part still available from Mercedes in the appropriate color(s). If I recall correctly it's under $30, if that much.

If you go to order one, be sure to have the last eight characters of your VIN so the supplier can check for the proper interior color code.

The part number for the back cover on my 1990 350SDL is 000 820 10 49 ("cap") and it lists for $34.50. Sorry for being off on the price a little, as it's been about a year since I bought mine and I get wholesale pricing, too.

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