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Rear (Third) Brake Light Bulb Replacement

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Is there any trick to removing the cover for the third brake light? I've tried pushing in on the two tabs and I pull back but the cover won't budge. Is there anything else I have to disassemble? I am trying to get rid of the stupid idiot light on the dash. :confused: The car is a 1986 420SEL - any tips would be appreciated!
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I can't keep bulbs in mine :| I'm using the smaller globe bulb because the big ones melt the red lens, run a few days and the bulbs give out
I have an LED in mine both to prevent further melting and reduce the frequency of pulling on the increasingly brittle tabs. I use incandescents for the brake lights in the tails and CC functions as normal.
Would you happen to have the particular LED number available please
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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