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Rear Tail Lights Upgrade

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Hey guys quick question, went to the local motorsport shop to check on some wheels and the guy told me i should upgrade my rear tail lights to the 2002 rear tail ligths. I didn't know that the rear tail lights changed from 99 to 02? Is this true or is he bullshitting me? I looked at some pictures on the forum and they look the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Perhaps he is referring to the 209s Honda Accord style tail lights. The only thing 208 owner do to their tails is paint them, mostly black, few have put on the little chrome trim borders. The blacked out tails are the best, see the gallery. I was looking at one yesterday that was so nice, Black car like yours too.
i haven't seen any "updated" tail lights, and as far as i know the 2002 and the 1998 tail lights are the same. but heres my suggestion for tail lights


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