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Rear subframe and differential refresh 450sl 5.6

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Due to the need to change the rear diff on my 5.6 conversion, I decided, since I am already there to rebuild the axles, change all of the mounts, bushings and do corrosion protection of the subframe. Vehicle Bumper Car Automotive tire Automotive exterior
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First I obtained a 2.47 diff from a 380 to replace 3.06 originally in my '75 450sl. Following my engine swap I found that the revs were too high and my first two gears were almost unusable. I repainted the casing and changed the three seals(one input and two output).
Next I rebuilt the axles using Astoria cone kit which worked beautifully. I did have to purchase the special clamp tool but it was only $10.
At the same time I cleaned the subframe, coated it with one coat of KBS and one of Rustoleum gloss black paint.
Next I replaced trailing arm bushings as well as subframe and diff mounts. Auto part Tool accessory Suspension Suspension part Transmission part


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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