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rear speakers don't work at all

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1998 S500 Bose stereo. All front speakers work fine, balance works fine. No sound out of any rear speakers. Amp looks good, no mods done, all factory. Owned since new. Fuse at amp is fine, just no sound in rear. The fader seems to work, but when I send all the sound to the rear, I do still have about 1/4 volume in the front speakers. Any advice would be appreciated. From all I have read on these forums, it doesn't appear to be the amp. Maybe the radio itself?
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Call Eddie or Tom at Becker North America and ask if they have any suggestions short of you sending the head unit in to them for testing.

That's assuming you have the original Becker radio.

The only thing I can think of is to pop the pins out of the harness and reverse the front and back wires to see if the issue moves to the front. If that's the case you know it's the radio.

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