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Rear silencer

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The rear silencer on my 1997 C200 sounds like a rattle, comes and goes. Presumably the baffles are working loose, needs replacement. Agents charge for the name, probably for units that are also available direct from the manufacturers at half the price. Any comments from other forum members?
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Are you asking about the catalytic converter or the muffler? Sounds like a cat problem.

I have heard there is a company in the USA that is rebuilding catalytic converters. Look for Smith Brothers. The biggest fear is buying aftermarket and getting a permanent CEL.
You may need to check your exhaust system hangers. These are rubber pieces that hold the pipes and mufflers in place while insulating against shocks and noise.

Should not be too hard to find a muffler, Bosal is a good brand.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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