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2004 Lexus LS 430 Modern Luxury. 2012 Acura TSX (fun fun) Maybe MB again one day...
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Pretty easy gig.

Jack car up, and get jack under control arm. After that I accessed the top bolts from the trunk, pulling back the liner. There are two bolts at the top, hold one with a wrench and undo the other. On the bottom it's the same thing, hold one with a wrench and unfasten the other. I wasn't sure of the torque specs, just got it down nice n' snug. Now it's super quiet when I hit train tracks; totally solid.

Access through the trunk:

Get that jack under there and make it safe:

New installed:

Uploaded with

New Vs. Old:

I still have to do the fronts once it warms up a little down here. Total cost was about 200 bucks for all 4 bilstein shocks. I'd say it took me about 30 minutes per side, and that's taking my time. If you do this be careful around the bottom, I cut my hand pretty good on around the brake disc (a shield or something I can't remember.)

1999 C230K
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Cool! I'll be changing my rear shocks as soon as I get them. I ordered the Sachs-Boge shocks from Autohausaz a few days ago.

As far as torque specs, my Haynes manual lists:
Rear Shock Absorber
Upper mounting nut ... 15 Nm (11 lbf ft)
Upper mounting locknut ... 30 Nm (22 lbf ft)
Lower mounting bolt nut ... 55 Nm (41 lbf ft)

My rear shocks have been bad for a while now, and when I had my tires balanced recently, the guy showed me the warp in my rear tires and recommended replacing them. :(

This must be a common problem. Is there anything else I can do?
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