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First, thanks to all for the great info I've found
in this forum so far. A number of you have run into
issues ahead of me, and I'm glad to find your DIY
info here.

I've got a 1993 W140.032 that I've had for years now.
It's dead stock although I replaced the head lights
(myself) with the 1995+ versions (H1/H7) years ago
(what a drastic improvement in flare, cutoff,

Anyway, I wanted to try to replace the rear seat
belts with the newer, selectable seatbelts found
in the 1995+ W140's. (I'm assuming they will fit).

Has anyone removed the plastic housing that covers
the outboard shoulder harness/belt assembly for the
rear seats? I took a quick look but didn't want to
start yanking too hard on the plastic cover for the
back pillars.
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