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Rear right wheel jumps excessively on rough road

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I can feel it rear driver side wheel jumps violently when the wheel is driven over some kind of manhole on the street at a normal speed, and of cause it makes a loud noise too. The damper has been replaced with a new one to try to solve it. It didn't fix it much. I am leaning over a weaken coil spring. However, the car is only 78000 km, and people have been saying coil springs hardly fail. How should I diagnose the problem further?
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Can someone help me to find the right spring shims for my car? I am in EPC. There are like more than 10 different shims for my VIN. I am confused.
Does anyone know a place that I can rent the MB coil spring compressor in Vancouver area?
1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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