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Rear Parcel Shelf - coupe vs sedan

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Are these identical? I'm searching all over and not finding anything, on the forum or the net. For some reason my brain is telling me since the coupe's rear window is slightly more slanted that the parcel shelf may be wider.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? I have posted a WTB ad, and I have a forum member contacting me right now regarding a purchase.

Thanks all.
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Thanks guys for helping me nip this one in the butt. Order canceled.
Hey all, I just wanted to update this thread. I ended up getting/about to get a rear shelf from Andy. Andy is selling parts off of his '82 coupe, and is listed in the for sale section. He is trying to sell as many parts as he can, and is an easy fella to deal with. Hit him up if you need anything.
Absolutely. I meant to do that when I posted that reply and I even had it open in another tab. But I'm at work right now and easily distracted/pulled back to actual reality.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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