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Rear No 11 fuse keep blowing!!

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Hello everybody,
I bought 1995 S320 L US version with some issues. Actually they told me engine was seized and got it at very reasonable price.

Found out that lower engine wiring harness was never replaced. Biodegradable bad wiring. I checked the main engine harness and it seems updated one dated 98.
Anyways i saw an ugly aftermarket switch that turned out direct starter switch. You can turn in ignition with the key but can not crank. This seemed a good news for me considering that engine was seized.

I fixed the lower wiring harness and still not successful to crank the vehicle with the key. Ignition switch seems ok and has enough tension on crank position.

I see that i can use button on remote control and lights are illumination on door handles but power locks are not working. Vacuum soft close doors are working fine. I checked the rear fuse panel and saw number 11 fuse was missing. I put new 20 amp fuse and compartment lights were turned on. I tried to lock the vehicle but no power locks and immediately fuse was blown. When i push lock/unlock button on dashboard it makes a funny steady noise while pushing which seems coming behind passenger airbag.

I tried to scan the car from main port through engine compartment with DAS but it says turn on the ignition even it is ON.

Does number 11 fuse have anything to do with cranking problem or something seperate?

I am open to any suggestions and ideas.

Than You

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Have you tried turning the motor over by hand using a breaker bar/socket on the crank bolt? Turn clockwise ONLY when facing the motor from the front.
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I'm only suggesting the OP roll the motor by hand to see if it is indeed seized. It's hard to recall any post here or on the W124 forum where an OP has a seized motor.
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