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My 2008 C350 has an odd issue that's started recently with the rear passenger side LED turn signal. At least once a day it will decide to not work, which will give me an alert on the dash and cause the dash turn indicator to flash quickly. The turn signal will fail-over to the top non-LED bulb in the rear assembly and is flashing at a normal rate. Shutting off and restarting the car will sometimes correct it but other times it won't, and it will always return. I've had a mechanic look at it and he first thought it was a loose wire (which is the first thing I checked) but then was out of ideas after that. The intermittent nature of the problem flummoxed him; he said it should either work or not.

I looked through the forums and haven't seen this issue reported, so I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this, and how they fixed it. I've been searching for the replacement light carrier, since the exterior plastic enclosure is in good shape and doesn't need replacement. So far I've not found the LED lamp assembly. Any insight is appreciated!
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