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Thanks,Lynns.Is this a job that can be done by someone other than a dealer or indy. I am pretty mechanically inclined.Thanks
Torchtamer, I just replaced all twelve of my cylinders after they were rebuilt by Dennis Ficken. Contact him and he will email you instructions on how to remove and replace each one. It takes a little creativity to get them out without losing any clips (which I am told cannot be purchased from MB). I took mine out one weekend, overnighted them to Dennis on Monday, got them back on Friday and put them in last weekend. Once you get the hang of it they go pretty quickly. I took a lot of extra pictures as I went in case the instructions did not cover it but they were thorough. From what I have read, and especially since your rears are going before the tops (traditionally the first to go) you might want to just do them all and be done with it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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