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Rear forward thrust arm

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Starting to rebuild complete rear suspension on 2011 e350 base without air suspension..Question is the lower forward thrust arm comes with one bushing installed...Can someone give me the part number of the bushing the fork end bolts up to...Pretty sure these are the bushings I need..Can anyone confirm this
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I'm trying to change the bushing in hub assembly or knuckle...But y do u say not to try?
Can someone try to shed some light on why I shouldn't change these bushings and if I am looking at the correct bushing..I'm not changing the bushing pressed in the arm but rather the one the arm goes to..
The thrust arm only has one bushing..It is installed as the picture shows...I already know that..The other end of the arm connects to the rear bearing assembly..that bushing is pressed into the bearing assembly,not the control arm..the control arm bolts to it..I'm just trying to get a part number for that bushing ...that's all...
1 - 5 of 8 Posts