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Rear electric blind wanted

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Anyone has one and willing to sell.I am in need one.
Rear electric roller blind for 560SE, sedan.
Thank you
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A year ago they were going for 150Euro but getting hard to find now...
I am keep an eye out for you
Still beautiful..
I took it to Italy this week and put 3000klm on her, faultless and around 20 to the gallon on a complete average
Although one tank I did 12.8mpg. That was Stelvio pass (only half)due to closed for snow and the Swiss tunnels...
I might have got it to single figures had all of Stelvio been open..

EVERYONE looked at the car, I cannot tell you how many thumbs up I got from people on the motorway or driving through the villages and towns.
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1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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