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Still beautiful..
I took it to Italy this week and put 3000klm on her, faultless and around 20 to the gallon on a complete average
Although one tank I did 12.8mpg. That was Stelvio pass (only half)due to closed for snow and the Swiss tunnels...
I might have got it to single figures had all of Stelvio been open..

EVERYONE looked at the car, I cannot tell you how many thumbs up I got from people on the motorway or driving through the villages and towns.

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Rear blinds were rarely found on US cars, but the do show up from time to time.

Remember to also request the clip that attaches to the headliner as this part is NLA from the dealership. The center rod is different from SEC and sedan models, but this part can be purchased from the dealership and I would recommend buying the nylon rope to prevent future problems.

Going rates for these blinds are typically in the $250 +/- $50 range here. Shipping them internationally can make it cost prohibitive due to the dimensions.
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They are NLA. I think I have a couple of spare rods and one clip. Probably.
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