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Rear door speaker upgrade

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Hi, not sure if anyone is interested but I thought I'd put together a little how to for the rear door speakers. When I bought the car it had a duff r/n/s speaker so thought I'd upgrade them a little bit. Very easy job, heres some photos!

No need to take the door card off, the grill is seperate and is removed by a single bolt underneath in the middle

You might just need to unclip the bottom of the doorcard, but there is space to get a stubby screwdriver in to undo the 4 screws in each corner of the speaker mounting plate. I think the earlier w202's only have 3 of these.

Reach up and squeeze together the electric connector and it'll come apart.

And there we go, everything out and ready to be worked on.

First things first, remove the foam from around the edge. Its easiest if you just pull a few lumps of foam out, then peel away the sticky backing.

Once that is done, slice through the label on the removable piece

Then flip it over and snap out the little glued in bridge

Then you can slide out the removeable section....

Now for the fun bit. If you are never going to use those speakers again (and lets face it they aint great!) cut through the paper cone....
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It could be helpful for some to note that a heatgun maybe used with care on the speaker / bracket combination to remove the speaker from the bracket. Be careful, however, as like Caleb said, its only ABS, tends to melt with excessive heat.
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